My Story

Macier 3 Photography was born through my love of moments; capturing expressions, feelings & moods. Being able to freeze a time, place or a feeling is a precious thing to do!  

My photographic journey started years ago when I purchased my first camera.  I took it with me everywhere from my daily walks to my travels around Australia, finding beautiful moments everywhere.

Nowadays, I am putting all my photography magic into LOVE - Love is amazing! It is emotional, fun, romantic & raw. Every wedding I shoot is so different & unique. To date, I haven’t had a ‘bad day at the office’ my couples are gorgeous and their days have all been perfect in there own special way (corny I know, but true)!

 I can honestly say that I love my job, meeting all my gorgeous couples & hearing all about their love stories! I love that every wedding is sooooo different & unique, all the emotions on their day than can make me laugh & cry through my lens & I would LOVE nothing more than to chat to you about your special day!

Geelong wedding photographer
Surf coast wedding photographer
Geelong wedding photographer